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Jetblaster Australia has a large range of Hot Water Pressure Cleaners for all your cleaning needs and especially for sanitization, which is a must at this time due to the COVID-19.


We manufacture and hold a large range of Hot Water Pressure Cleaners for all different cleaning applications and businesses. Our range includes


Single phase and 3phase - Diesel Heated Pressure Washers

Ranging from 1500psi to 3000psi as our standard range

Ranging from 12 litres per minute to 30 litres per minute as our standard range


All in one diesel heated and operated skid mounted pressure washers.

We use the Perkins Diesel Engine - Water Cooled so they are very quiet as a standard engine

Pressures ranging from 3000psi to 5800psi and water flows from 15 litres per minute to 25 litres per minute as our standard range of pressure washers


We also manufacture and offer an all in one electrically operated and electrically heated hot water pressure cleaner.

Pressures ranging from 1800psi to 3000psi as our standard range

Water Flow ranging from 8.6 litres per minute to 15 litres per minute.

Pressure and Water Flows combinations are also dependent upon what power supply you will have available to operate these machines.


We also have a lot of customers that use our standard stationary cold water pressure cleaners and feed hot water directly through the pump with a hot water service. We convert the pump to be able to handle this up to 65 degrees celsius or switch out the pump for a specialised hot water pump to take hot water up to 85 degrees celsius.


So no matter what your needs are for a Hot Water Pressure Cleaner and even a Cold Water Pressure Cleaner we will have what you require OR we can design a unit to match your cleaning application.


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