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Santa arrives in 2 weeks!!! That has come so quickly!!!


With Xmas just around that corner, you probably have a million and one things to do before you close yours doors for a well deserved break, so I thought I would help make it a bit easier and put together a very short check list with regards to your pressure washer.


There is nothing worse than coming back from a relaxing holiday to your equipment, including your pressure washer, giving you trouble as soon as you walk through the door!!!


1) Ensure your pressure washer is operating at pressure and temperature (that is of course if your pressure washer is a hot water unit). if you find any problems with your unit, please call to have this inspected and repaired before a small problems turns into a big problem with your pressure washer.


2) Ensure all of your accessories for your pressure washer, such as gun, lance, hose, nozzle, etc are not leaking and are in good working condition for when you come back from your Xmas Break. If you find any items that need replacing or repair, please call to have this done before the Xmas Break.


3) If you haven't had your pressure washer serviced in the last 6 months and you use your pressure washer all the time, ensure to get your pressure washer serviced before everyone closes theirs doors.


Our service department will be closing on Friday the 20th of December 2019 at 4pm and will be reopening on the 6th of January 2020. We do have an emergency contact for all major pressure washer breakdowns during our closed period if the breakdown is an Emergency.




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