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portable cold water pressure cleaner



We have redesigned one of our most popular cold water single phase pressure cleaners to help give it a long and reliable service life. Our previous pressure washer was just like most of the other pressure washers similar to it out on the market such as having a manual on/off switch. What we found over time is that businesses where getting bigger and busier and having to manually turn a machine on and off was becoming a real pain, especially when you are only wanting to stop using the machine for a couple of minutes.


So, we upgraded our machine to have an automatic stop/start time delay function on it. This allows operators of the pressure washer to leave the machine turned on and go and see a customer if required or answer an important phone call as the machine is designed to turn off after about 30 seconds of the trigger being released and is easily restarted just by pulling the trigger again. 


Not only did we redesign the pressure washer but without compromising the quality of the machine we also reduced the price of the pressure washer to become more competitive in the market.



Jetblaster B1500GASS Cold Water Portable Pressure Washer - Single-Phase

1500psi @ 11 litres per minute

2.2kw - 240volt - Single-phase - 15amp

4 Pole Industrial Motor - Slow Revving 1450rpm

Ceramic Plunger Pump with Brass Head

External Low-Pressure Unloader Valve

Automatic Stop/Start Time Delay Function in IP56 Enclosure

Inlet Water Filter

Steel Powder Coated Frame, Handle and Half Cover with 2 x Pneumatic Wheels



10mtrs of Double Braid High Pressure Hose 

Gun with Stainless Steel Swivel

700mm OR 900mm Single Straight Lance

15 degree OR 25 degree Flat Spray High Pressure Nozzle


12 months manufacturing warranty


Original LIST Price              -                  $3,300.00 INC G.S.T.


NEW List Price          -            $2,640.00 INC G.S.T.


This type of pressure washer is perfect for Car Detailing Companies, Car Dealerships and we have also found a lot of customers are purchasing this unit for home use as they are wanting something that is going to last and give them a long and reliable service life.


There is also a large range of 3phase portable and stationary cold water pressure cleaners similar to the above with the automatic stop/start time delay function but all of our other cold water electric pressure washers come with a 304 stainless steel frame.








portable cold water pressure cleaner