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Pressure Cleaners

Jetblaster(r) is the leader in the Industrial Pressure Washer industry of Australia.  We have been manufacturing state of the art industrial pressure cleaners since the early 1970s.  Our machines are built here in Australia to Australian standards.  We build our machines from the bottom up to ensure their quality and durability and long service life.


We pride ourselves in the longevity of the machines that we manufacture and are proud to say that there are still machines out there being used that were built in the mid-1970s.


Our pressure washers are built with an LPRS (Leak Prevention Restart System).  This system prevents the machine from restarting if a minor leak within the system is detected thus ensuring that the machine and its internals do not get further damaged.  While the handling may be simple, the effects of running a machine continuously without the correct amount of water being supplied to it can be disastrous.


We have two factories, one for the manufacturing of the shell of our pressure washers and the other to assemble the internals of our machines and test them.


Our range of industrial pressure cleaners cover a wide range of options to ensure that whatever cleaning task you have we have the machine for you. 


We can manufacture a custom built pressure washer to your specification.


We not only build our pressure cleaners but we also offer ongoing service to these units.


As one of the very few Australian manufacturers of pressure washers and car wash systems, we are constantly striving for better quality, product innovation and exceptional after sales service.


There are many applications a pressure washer can be used for and there are many different types of machines to choose from. It is important to choose the right machine for the right application so that you can get your job done. To help you with that decision a chart has been designed for you as a general guide on machine applications to industries. You can see this here. 


You may already know what you are looking for, so please see your selections below.

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