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Custom Built Pressure Cleaner Units & Set Ups

As a manufacturer of pressure cleaners we can also offer Custom Built Units based on specific cleaning requirements.


This not only includes a custom built unit but can also include the physical set up of the machine in the location required.  This could be a set up on the back of a truck including hose reels and a water tank, a set up on a trailer or it could also be a specific set up on site, with booms, hoses, drop points, etc.


If is has do with pressure cleanerss we can do it.  We have been in this business for over 35 years now and have built many machines and completed numerous installations and physical set ups of pressure washer equipment. 


Below are some examples of set ups we have done for our customers based on their requirements.


If would like more information or would like a quote just CLICK HERE.

custom designed pressure washer