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Car Wash Systems

Jetblaster manufactured the first Auto Valet® car wash system in the early 1970s.  These were produced in the thousands and sold throughout Australia; many of these original pressure washers are still in operation today.  The original model proved so reliable and long lasting (HPW3ET) that we still manufacture it today.


As the years went by the demand for coin-operated car washes increased and new models were designed and produced. We now offer 4 different Car Wash Units both stand alone and inbuilt.  These machines can be configured based on customers needs to either coin operated or token operated.  They are also available in hot or cold water.


We have designed these pressure cleaners so that they are simple to maintain and operate, reliable and long lasting. Our car wash units beat imported units on price and simplicity, hands down.


The advantage of buying a self-serve car wash system mean less expense to the customer and more profit to YOU! The amount that you spend on the machine can be earned back within only months of operation.


For more information on a particular machine please select from the 2 options below.

Autovalet (R) foam car wash stand alone & inbuilt
HPW3ET Auto Valet Car Wash stand alone & inbuilt