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Pressure Washer Safety #2

Posted By Sarah Turner  
10:20 AM


Okay guys, I am going to make this a very quick safety tip for the correct operation of ANY and ALL pressure washers.


Over the years we have found that some operators are continuously on and off the trigger of the pressure washer, which is what we called "Rapid Firing" or "Machine Gunning."


When you do this to any pressure washer you are constantly activating the bypass / unloader valve on the pressure washer and this will wear out the bypass / unloader valve very quickly. These items aren't cheap and you won't unfortunately find one for under $100.00


When you are using your pressure washer it is recommended to find the location that you want to clean and pull the trigger on the pressure washer and hold the trigger in (without letting go) until you have finished washing that area and then release the trigger.


This will increase the life of your bypass / unloader valve on your pressure washer.


Also, just as another note, majority of burners on pressure washers have a delay on them as a safety and it can take 10 to 20 seconds before the burner kicks in on the pressure washer. If you are "rapid firing" or "machine gunning" the pressure washer, this will not allow enough time for the burner to kick in, so please when using your pressure washer hold the trigger in for the duration of cleaning that area and don't "rapid fire" or "machine gun" the pressure washer.