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Jetblaster Electric Pressure Washer In Stainless Steel Frame

Electric Pressure Cleaner

Jetblaster would like introduce our range of Cold Water Pressure Cleaners on Stainless Steel Frames. These machines can also come with a specifically designed Hot Water Interpump that can take up to 85 degrees Celsius straight through the pump.

These machines are perfect for the food industry, shipping companies, butchers, etc as they don’t rust.

All of these machines are fitted with an Auto Stop/Start Time Delay and a flex drive coupling between the pump and motor to restrict heat transfer between the two.

B3000/15GASS 3000 15 5.5 1450 415 VOLT
B3000/21GASS 3000 21 7.5 1450 415 VOLT
B2320/15GASS-HOT 2320 15 5.5 1450 415 VOLT
B2320/18GASS-HOT 2320 18 5.5 1450 415 VOLT
B2320/23GASS-HOT 2320 23 7.5 1450 415 VOLT