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Pressure cleaners

Jetblaster manufactures both hot and cold water pressure washers, mobile and stationary pressure cleaners, foam car wash systems both inbuilt and stand alone, instant electric heated units, detailing units, diesel units, heavy duty industrial units and various hot water attachments. We can also build to customer specification. We not only build our pressure cleaners but we also offer ongoing service to these units.

As one of the very few Australian manufacturers of pressure washers and car wash systems, we are constantly striving for better quality, product innovation and exceptional after sales service. Our car wash units beat imported units on price and simplicity, hands down.

There are many applications a pressure washer can be used for and there are many different types of machines to choose from. There are hot water machines, diesel operated machines, cold water machines, machines of different pressure, etc. It is important to choose the right machine for the right application so that you can get your job done.

To help you with that decision a chart has been designed for you as a general guide on machine applications to industries. Look over this chart and choose the right one for you. If you feel that you need to discuss this further or still have questions on which machine is right for you, feel free to contact our Sales Manager, who has over 14 years of experience in the field.