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About us

Jetblaster® is a family owned company, located in Bayswater, Victoria. The company started in the service industry, servicing all brands  of pressure cleaners and pressure washers.  From over 30 years of experience in the service industry we moved into manufacturing to provide you with one of the best industrial high pressure cleaning equipment on the market today.

We pride ourselves on the reliability and sustainability of each and every machine that we manufacture and sell under the name Jetblaster ®.


Jetblaster ® was one of the first manufactured pressure washers in Australia and has been manufactured and sold since 1974. There are a number of the first original Jetblaster ® car wash systems and pressure cleaners still out there and operating to this day. Machines that are over 20 years old! We manufacture pressure cleaners to the highest standards using only high quality parts such as Interpump and Honda so that they are built to last!

Over the years we have expanded our manufacturing of pressure washers to both hot and cold water units, mobile and stationary pressure cleaners, foam car wash systems both inbuilt and stand alone, instant electric heated units, detailing units, diesel units, heavy duty industrial units and various hot water attachments. We can also build to customer specification. We not only build our pressure washers but we also offer ongoing service to these units.

As one of the very few Australian manufacturers of pressure washers and car wash systems, we are constantly striving for better quality, product innovation and exceptional after sales service. Our car wash units beat the imported units on price and simplicity, hands down.

With the teams’ many years of experience and know-how in the pressure cleaner industry, we can provide the equipment and the knowledge to help you get the job done.


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Contact us on: 03 9762 2220


Contact us on: 03 9762 2220